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Introducing Sweat - Colibri Serene Blue - inspired by the grace of the hummingbird.

Inspired by the graceful and mystical hummingbird, known in Portuguese as the "Colibri", our Sweat - Colibri embodies the essence of spirituality and elegance. Like this enchanting bird, our sweatshirt is a symbol of beauty, agility, and inner peace.

In many cultures, the Colibri has deep spiritual significance, often representing resilience, positivity, and the ability to find joy in life's simple pleasures. Similarly, our sweatshirt aims to evoke the same feelings of calm and contentment, allowing you to embrace the present moment with grace and serenity.

As you slip into the soft embrace of the sweatshirt Colibri, imagine yourself embodying the spirit of the hummingbird - free-spirited yet deeply connected to the world around you. Let its serene blue hue envelop you like a gentle breeze, reminding you to pause, breathe and find solace in the beauty of the present moment.

With the sweatshirt Colibri, experience more than just comfort and style; immerse yourself in a world of spiritual grace and inner peace. Embrace the symbolism of the hummingbird and allow its essence to uplift and inspire you every time you wear it.

- 85% Organic Cotton Fairtrade-certified

- 15% Recycled Poliester; 


Dreamed and Perfected in Portugal 

The model is a size S.

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Wash by hand or at low temperatures (max 30ºC / 86ºF);
Do not use softener;
Do not use an iron or dryer.
As simple as that!