Dive into your fitness journey with the Comporta Leggings.


Guided by the secrets of the sea, the Comporta Leggings are an embodiment of the vast ocean's wisdom. Just as the waves whisper the secret of letting go and the tide sets the pace, these leggings allow you to stretch into limitless horizons where your potential knows no limits.


Key features:


  1. Medium support, high compression: These leggings offer medium support and high compression, making them ideal for higher impact exercises. Like a lifejacket at sea, they provide stability and support for your most intense workouts.
  2. Unleash your freedom: Designed to let you move with unparalleled freedom, these leggings allow you to embrace your inner strength and push your limits. Like the boundless ocean, you'll find the freedom to explore and conquer.
  3. Stay fresh and dry: knitted with quick-drying and odour-resistant properties, these leggings ensure you stay comfortable and confident even during your most intense workouts.
  4. Versatile performance: Suitable for a range of activities from cross-fit to localised training, gap exercises, spinning, boxing and more, the Comporta Leggings seamlessly adapt to your different fitness needs.


Dive into your fitness journey with the confidence of the sea's wisdom. The Comporta Leggings invite you to explore your potential and become part of a bigger, more vibrant picture. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embark on a journey where the horizon knows no bounds and your strength knows no limits.


Available in the following colours: Navy and Merlot.

94% Polyamide, 6% Elastane.

Made In Portugal


The model is wearing a size S
Jeans 34/36 - Size S;
Jeans 38/40 - Size M;
Jeans 42/44 - Size L

Size guide


Wash by hand or at low temperatures (max 40ºC / 104ºF);
Do not use softener;
Do not use an iron or dryer.
As simple as that!
Warning: Very delicate leggings, be very gentle when putting them on. Our suggestion is to put them as they were tights.

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