One of the functions of yoga is to establish a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Since pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life, yoga is a fundamental technique to help pregnant women experience this period in a calm, physically healthy and emotionally balanced way.


Yoga intuitively puts us in touch with our bodies and our emotions, which is precisely what pregnant women need.


A regular yoga practice can help pregnant women in a number of ways:


1 - Breathing: Breathing is entirely linked to our thoughts and feelings. It is fundamental for oxygenating the body and controlling our emotions and feelings. Yoga breathing techniques help to control anxiety and their benefits are fundamental during pregnancy, labour and also in the postpartum period.


2 - Reduction of associated discomforts: The body undergoes numerous transformations during pregnancy, to which the pregnant woman needs to adapt. Practising yoga helps maintain good posture. This helps prevent back pain and also helps balance the body, improves circulation by reducing swelling, and helps the body become stronger and more flexible.


3 - Strengthening the pelvic floor: During pregnancy it is important to strengthen the pelvic floor to prepare the body for labour. Some postures are specifically aimed at strengthening this network of muscles.


Practising yoga will bring confidence, balance, and harmony during this very special time in a woman's life.


Nélia Rodrigues, Yoga Teacher specialising in Pregnancy Yoga.

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