Refund, exchange, and damaged products Policies



SPRY accepts Exchanges/Refunds of items, within the deadline mentioned below and according to the store in which the items were purchased.

For a successful Exchanges/Refunds, the item must be delivered in its perfect condition (without being used, washed or with odors), in the same way as it was sold and accompanied by its invoice, labels, etc.

SPRY doesn’t accept Exchanges/Refunds if items were altered, washed, used, or otherwise damaged.

SPRY doesn’t take responsibility for the misuse of items or for incorrect washing steps, please always check Wash & Use instructions.

Before each purchase, we recommend consulting the Size Guide.

Any exchange related to exclusive online items will have to be made through the online store, being the value of the shipping costs at the expense of the customer.


Online Store

According to Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of February 14, the customer has 14 consecutive days after receiving the order to proceed with an Exchange or apply for a Refund.

The reasons why customers may request an exchange or refund, in the above-mentioned period are as follows:

  1. The article is big to me;
  2. The article is small to me;
  3. I do not like the item;
  4. I changed my mind;
  5. The item is not as I imagined;
  6. I received the wrong item*.

* If you receive the wrong item, we apologize for what happened and ask to please contact our customer support team as soon as possible to info@spry.pt, so we can rectify the situation.

If the exchange is by a defect of one of the items, see the point Damaged/Faulty.

In online Exchanges/Refunds, all costs of shipping are from the responsibility of the customer. It is advisable that the items be sent to us by courier or registered mail.

Exchanges in the online store www.spry.pt are restricted only to the existing stock at the time of the Exchange.

We do not make reservations and for this reason, the item will only go out of stock at the time the exchange takes place. The exchange will only take place when we receive the item at our facility and it successfully passes our quality control.

The online customer support team undertakes within two working days after receiving the item in our facilities to respond to the customer.


Online Exchanges/Refunds Procedure

  • Exchanges:

Once the item reaches our facilities and successfully passes our quality control, we will contact you by email to let you know if the item you have chosen to exchange is available. If so, we will soon send our IBAN to pay the shipping costs and the difference of values between items (if the chosen item is more expensive than the previous one). Once we receive your proof of payment, the new item will be sent to the address indicated on the previous order.

If the chosen item is already sold out at the time of the exchange, you can choose other items available for immediate purchase on our site.

  • Refunds:

As soon as the item arrives at our office, it will be submitted to SPRY quality control and, if it passes successfully, we will send an immediate email requesting the IBAN for which the customer wishes to receive the refund of the order value. The refunds have a deadline of 10 days to be made after receipt of the item in our facilities.

When exchanges are shipped outside the European Union, SPRY is not responsible for delays and customs costs. These are the responsibility of the customer.


How to make Exchanges/ Refunds Online 

  1. Send your item along with the invoice to, Praça Duque de Saldanha C. C, Atrium Saldanha Loja 38 Aquacare, 1050-094 Lisboa (This address is not open to the public).
  2. Send an email to info@spry.pt with the following information:
  • Full name
  • Email for which you want to be contacted
  • Phone number
  • Address where you want to receive your new item
  • Invoice number and date
  • Reference and size of the item you want to exchange or return
  • Reference and size of the article you wish to receive or indication of return if you wish.



If you purchased a damaged item at SPRY online store www.spry.pt, we apologize right away.

SPRY makes no arrangements unless it is confirmed to be a manufacturing defect. If the arrangement is not possible SPRY undertakes to refund the value of the item to its customers.

SPRY is not responsible for the misuse of your items or for the incorrect washing of the same.

If your item is damaged you can return it as follow:

  • Return by Carrier/Courier

If you prefer to return by Carrier/Courier, the procedure is as follows:

  1. a) Send an email to info@spry.pt with the following information:
  • Full name;
  • Contact email;
  • Telephone number;
  • Number and date of the invoice;
  • Reference and item size;
  • Description of the defect;
  • Explicit defect photographs.
  1. b) The photos sent and the description of the defect will be analyzed by the quality control team. If it appears to be a manufacturing defect, the Customer Support team will contact the customer to have the item shipped to our facility (without associated costs).
  2. c) Upon receipt of the item at our facilities, the defect will be reviewed again by our quality control team, who will contact the customer within 4 business days.

If it is confirmed to be a manufacturing defect, the Customer Support team will inform the estimated time for the arrangement or, if applicable, the refund of the amount paid for the item.

If it is confirmed that the defect was due to a bad use of the customer, SPRY does not accept the return or does the arrangement. The customer is responsible for the costs of sending the item back.